TDP MLA Jaleel Khan Claims That Maths and Physics are Subjects for B.Com Degree

by - Wednesday, December 28, 2016

TDP MLA Jaleel Khan

Telugu Desam Party (#TDP) MLA Jaleel Khan, who represents Vijayawada west constituency, graduated in B.Com. But what he claimed to have studied during his Commerce graduation was Physics and Mathematics as subjects.

Jaleel Khan, made the statement while discussing his educational qualifications during an intervie with Local Web Channel.

"Commerce is nothing but Mathematics", he said.

Surprised to his answer, the interviewer tried to reconfirm but the confident MLA said that he indeed graduated in Commerce, but had Physics and Mathematics as subjects.  He also added that he always secured 100 marks out of 100 in every Maths examination from his childhood. 

The interviewer, a B.Com graduate himself (he himself revealed), tried to correct Jaleel Khan saying Mathematics and Physics were not taught in B Com. But he confidently reiterated that he studied the science subjects in B.Com.

Jaleel Khan was elected from Vijayawada West assembly constituency from YSR Congress party,  but later switched over to the TDP.

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